Sonia Tita Puopolo Invites Haute Living Readers To The Vanessa Noel Hotel

My beautiful friends, as you may have read in my previous post, I have the wonderful blessing and privilege to share my book SONIA’S RING: 11 WAYS TO HEAL YOUR HEART, with the people of Nantucket Island in my home state of Massachusetts at my upcoming book signing this Tuesday, August 9th on Nantucket at Vanessa Noel , 5 Chestnut Street, and look forward to seeing you all there! Now, of course what better place to stay than at The Vanessa Noel Hotel

First, I want to share something very personal with you. My mother adored and loved Vanessa Noel and her shoes and we loved going to her charming and lovely boutique as a mother-daughter team during our summertime on Nantucket. This Tuesday would be my mother’s birthday so for me, it is a wonderful way to celebrate her and wish her a Happy Birthday.

As I say in my book, we all have our 911 moments. Have you ever had a really bad day? A time when you were totally devastated, knocked to your knees, breathless, speechless, simply numb? For some, it is the heart wrenching loss of a loved one, a pet, a job, a lover, or anything that causes your heart and mind to become so overwhelmed that you are unable to cope with basic daily activities. Whether through an unexpected tragedy, the piercing pangs of divorce, or devastating financial loss, the pain and suffering hurt, and for you, it is a horrible, personal 911 moment.

In my first chapter of my book, I talk about LOVE and also that as a way to show tribute to my mother on her birthday, I would get a bouquet of white roses and take some roses down to the ocean and release them out to the sea as the sparkling setting sun shines on them. This is an expression of giving the love that my mother radiated back to mother earth while reminding me of the love that she has for me.

This year, will be the first year I am back on Nantucket since the last time I celebrated my mother’s birthday with her at the Pearl restaurant in 2001.

Vanessa Noel’s kind understanding and commitment to help share my message of hope and healing has been remarkable. So thank you Vanessa Noel who has brought so much joy to not only my mother’s life but to many people with her exquisite style and incredible taste!! Thank you for making the world a more beautiful place. Thank you for inviting me to Nantucket to share my book, SONIA’S RING: 11 WAYS TO HEAL YOUR HEART, and now my precious Haute Living readers, let me share with you her beautiful hotel because I know my darling friends you love the best of the best!

Vanessa Noel was the first American designer to own and launch her own hotel in 2002 with the first boutique hotel ever on Nantucket, The Vanessa Noel Hotel. The special and one of a kind place features 8 beautiful bedrooms divinely designed with a minimalist style décor with serene surroundings. The 3 story shingled structure originally built in 1847, illuminates the charm of Nantucket grace of an island rich in history. Yet, communicates modern day sophistication and elegance of under stated opulence and comfort. As Vanessa says,“I want my guests to appreciate the nature of Nantucket…”

Come celebrate life as you embrace the beauty of mother earth in a magnificent way and call (508) 228-5300 for more information and reservations.

With Gratitude and Love, Sonia