Last Minute Detail: From Keatley Detail, San Francisco to Ocean Avenue, Carmel

The week long festivities and activities for auto enthusiasts known as the Pebble Beach Concourse d’Elegance have started.  During this time, the main street, Ocean Avenue, of Carmel-by-the-Sea becomes a exotic automotive ogling sensation where LP640s and F40s roam free and simply park along the curb.  Get a proper detail on your car before you make the drive down or it’ll be like showing up to the opening night of the opera in a ratty old T-shirt!

With this public display of automotive affection event, many of the elite exotic owners have already booked out Bob of Auto Concierge, months in advance for his week-long detailing operations.  Fear not, Keatley Detail located at 840 Harrison in San Francisco can provide a suitable last minute detail all within an 24 hour turn around.

Unlike other detail shops which often resemble a graveyard of scrap metal, Keatley focuses on provided a comfortable oasis for those who care about their cars.  There’s a fully snack stocked and WiFi equipped lounge above the garage for owners to observe the work being done.  Furthermore, Keatley Detail provides convenience and flexibility through its online booking system and courtesy customer drop offs.  If you’re located in SoMa, they’ll even pick up the car for the detailing necessary.

They offer 3 stages of detailing: from a simple stage 1 which includes a wash, wax and light interior cleaning for $70 and takes about an hour to a thorough stage 3 which includes clay bar application, buff and polish and a deep cleaning of the engine bay and takes about 4-5 hours for $350.

Ted, the owner of Keatley Detail, emphasizes how Keatley was meant for the discerning automotive owner and that they only use fresh towels and will go at cleaning a tire with a toothbrush to ensure for the perfect finish.  By the looks of the Astons, Bentleys and Porsches in queue, this is a perfect place to wrap up some final details before Concourse.

Keatley Detail – 840 Harrison Street.
(415) 978-9900