Manscaping on the Rise

Don’t be surprised if you come across a few fellows with smoother looking chests than your freshly shaven legs while poolside this summer.

Manscaping, for those of you living under a rock, or perhaps buried under you own chest pelt, is the art of male grooming which includes shaving, waxing or, as described by “overall cleaning up the superfluous fur.” And while there is nothing new about it, it does seem that  men have become a bit more consumed by grooming as of late.

A new trend noted by a British cosmetic surgery group reports specific style requests including  three in particular–the “Bond,” the “Cowell” (named for former American Idol judge Simon Cowell) and the “Superman.” The “Bond” involves cleaning up the edges of  a full chest of hair. The “Cowell” resembles an upside down triangle of chest hair similar to the look Cowell himself was mocked for in the tabloids last year. And the “Superman” involves removing all chest hair except for on the pecs.

What was once popular amongst only bodybuilders, models and “adult movie stars” now seems to be the norm for men of a certain age.  A study done by ABC News in 2005 reported that approximately 64% of men at a Florida college manscaped in efforts to appear more “hygienic or attractive.” Methods of hair removal include shaving, waxing and the more permanent option of laser removal.