Haute 100 Update: Woody Allen’s ‘Midnight in Paris’ is his Highest-Grossing Yet, Getting Re-Launch in Preparation for the Oscars

Woody Allen’s latest release, Midnight in Paris, has surpassed Hannah and Her Sisters to become the film legend’s highest-grossing film ever. While Allen is in Rome filming his new project, The Bop Decameron, Midnight in Paris is continuing to gain momentum. The romantic comedy, which stars Owen Wilson and Rachel McAdams, will get a re-expansion in hopes of surpassing the coveted $50 million milestone.

The decision to give the film another push was made by Sony Pictures Classics after realizing the huge success that followed after the initial release. The film currently is occupying 328 screens, but the studio plans to re-expand the movie to around 1,000 theaters on August 26.

Sony Pictures Classics’ co-president Tom Bernard explained why the studio was bringing the film back to theaters that had cut its showing time short previously, “We felt it would be a great way to go out at the end of the summer with a campaign that says, ‘It’s your last chance. See the movie for a second time and bring a friend to Paris.'”

He also added that it was difficult for the film to secure spaces in theaters earlier in the summer due to the release of multiple big-budget event movies. Additionally, Bernard hinted that the re-launch might be a part of the studio’s campaign to push the film for Oscar nominations by commenting, “We have an awards plan in the works for a lot of the categories, including best picture.”

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