Haute 100 Update: Jennifer Aniston to Join her Father on NBC’s Days of Our Lives

It is being said that Jennifer Aniston will be appearing on the long-running NBC daily soap opera Days of Our Lives in an effort to boost the show’s ratings, which have taken a steep drop over the past several years. Like fellow actor James Franco, Aniston will be appearing over the course of several episodes as a “frazzled” wedding planner.

The fact that Aniston’s father, actor John Aniston, has been a regular cast member on the soap for the past 24 years, equates that Jen’s appearance on the show will ultimately mean that she would be helping to save her father’s job.

Her wedding planner character will be helping her real life father’s character get married, and a source says of her possible role on the show, “The idea of a semi-comedic role opposite her dad is hugely appealing to Jennifer,” and they also express that she would be “happy to take the bare minimum Screen Actors’ Guild day rate.”

That bare minimum would be approximately $645 a day. Considering her rate on Friends, $1 million per episode, the role seems more of a favor than an effort to make money. A source from the network explains, “She has said she wants to help but her schedule is so tight we may have to cram a lot of shooting into just a few days,” and adds, “We’re hoping Jen will join us in November, when all the networks are at their most competitive.”

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