Anthony Bourdain’s New Series On The Travel Channel-The Layover

Last Friday, Anthony Bourdain began taping his new show—The Layover, which was filmed inside Zeitgeist in San Francisco. The show that will air on the Travel Channel will feature a particular city in which he “lays over” in a short 24 to 48 hours period that will include the must see hot spots (some of which you actually might want to visit).

The show is quite different from his No Reservations series, making this one a bit faster paced, since he tends to be hopping from city to city. The buzz that was floating around early last week was that the filming that begun at Zeitgeist might have been a shooting for No Reservations (as reported by Mission Mission) but that didn’t seem like the case after the Travel Channel’s press release.

Zero Point Zero (No Reservation production company) will be creating a ten-episode, one hour weekly series, having Bourdain traveling throughout the U.S, Asia, and Europe, to uncover an insiders guide to those dedicated travelers. Reports state, that the show will be very straight on, having Bourdain show you what he thinks one can be capable of doing with restricted time.

The show sounds great, maybe even motivating you to plan a short weekend getaway to a city not to far away, and being able to do it all within 24 to 48 hours.