What a Gem : CH Group’s Lead in the Luxury Jewelry Market

 “Since we first set up 40 years ago, the path we’ve always seen ourselves on has been that of luxury.”

Renowned for their astute attention to clients and the remarkable quality of their products, CH Group is unrivaled in the luxury jewelry market. Founded in 1970 by husband and wife pair Ronald and Ellen Lee, CH Group was destined from the start to be a heavy hitter in the high-end jewelry industry. CH Group is the umbrella company for both Chong Hing Jewelers and CH Premier Jewelers and now features five locations throughout California, making them the largest Asian American owned jewelry chain in the state.
It’s no surprise that Ronald and Ellen took this path, as both hailed from families of jewelry ateliers. Applying their intensive training and knowledge in jewelry and horology, the couple opened Chong Hing Jewelers in 1970. They were soon well on their way to success.