Haute Event: Palm Beach Theater Guild Celebrates the Palm Beach Centennial Follies in Nantucket

The Palm Beach Theater Guild comes to Nantucket Saturday July 23 for the Celebrates the Palm Beach Centennial Follies. The Palm Beach Centennial Follies is a unique tradition in Palm Beach since 1928.

The Centennial Follies was intended to bring the community together to celebrate the 100th Anniversary of Palm Beach to share laughter and smiles as the audience watched this delightful production of a musical satire of a young couple who just moved to Palm Beach trying to navigate their way through their journey in this unique one-of-a-kind place.

The Palm Beach Theater Guild, www.pbtheaterguild.org welcomes any and all help to restore the landmarked Royal Poinciana Playhouse so that they can help to spread more laughter and smiles for many years to come so bravo! Bravo! Mr. Patrick Henry Flynn and for all my Haute Living readers who will be on Nantucket Island this Saturday, please join the group on ACK and become a member of the Palm Beach Theater Guild.

Membership ranges from $100 to $10,000 and beyond! This is for my theater loving Haute readers who love to laugh and smile so RSVP online at info.palmbeachtheaterguild.org or call 561 – 366- 8980. The event will take place from 6 o’clock PM to 8 o’clock PM at The Summerhouse Pool, 27 Fair Street, Siasconset, Nantucket, Massachusetts. Tickets are $125 per person and $200 per couple.

Last month in a previous blog, I mention that in my book called SONIA’S RING: 11 WAYS TO HEAL YOUR HEART my chapter on NOURISHMENT is an important one. I would like to add that emotional and spiritual nourishment is imperative to thrive and to live a joyful life – and to be HAUTE! Positive words are nourishment for the mind and soul and for a better life now. Do you want to know how to nurture your soul? How to feed your soul and provide yourself and others nourishment? Laugh! Laughter is wonderful!! Yes, spiritual nourishment is necessary. So smile, smile, smile!! That is what Patrick Henry Flynn, President of the Palm Beach Theater Guild helps the community of Palm Beach do with his annual performance and now as he brings the Palm Beach Theater Guild group to ACK, all my Haute Living readers, join him on Saturday and yes, smile, smile, smile!!

With Gratitude and Love, Sonia