HSH Princess Charlene Wears Tabbah’s Infinite Cascade Necklace

HSH Princess Charlene wears Tabbah’s bespoke Infinite Cascade Necklace at her marriage to HSH Prince Albert II of Monaco. The necklace is made of 18K Rose gold necklace set with diamonds and pearls; 1,237 white, round and baguette shaped diamonds; and 6 pear-shaped white pearls.

In close collaboration with HSH Princess Charlene, acclaimed jewellery house Tabbah designed and crafted the bespoke pieces worn at her marriage to HSH Prince Albert II of Monaco, which took place in Monaco last weekend.

The necklace was designed as a bespoke piece created after a a series of meetings between HSH Princess Charlene and Nagib Tabbah. The result is Infinite Cascade, a unique item crafted from rose gold set with diamonds and pearls.

“The design of the necklace is imbued with fluid structure: ripples that at once wrap, as if to protect, the neck, while simultaneously cascading over the collar bone where the large pearls drop, their individual settings ensuring delicate sparkle and warm glow as they catch the light,” says Nagib Tabbah.

Tabbah also provided the jewellery worn by HSH Princess Charlene’s Maid of Honour Donatella Knecht de Massy and mother of the bride, Lynette Wittstock.

Tabbah is internationally acclaimed for its bespoke jewellery: fantasias wrought from precious metals and stones for some of the world’s most stylish women and men. For almost 150 years (the house celebrates its 150th anniversary in 2012), the craft of Tabbah has been passed from father to son. Today it is a family owned business run by Nabil Tabbah and Nagib Tabbah. The Tabbah philosophy is dedicated to producing unique, inspirational works of art that reflect the blending of European and Oriental influences matched with some of the world’s most sought after precious stones.