Haute Toys: Design Q’s Stylish New Design Concept for the Avro Business Jet

On Friday, July 1, renowned aircraft design brand Design Q released their latest concept for the Avro Business Jet (ABJ), the ABJ Eleganté. Stylish private fliers should be familiar with the brand and their establishment in the field of futuristic aircraft design, including the ABJ Fusion and Air Deck, both innovative firsts in aviation.

According to Born Rich, this is the fourth of five concepts of luxe interiors by BAE Systems. The first two concepts were unveiled at Geneva’s European Business Aviation Convention & Exhibition (EBACE) in October of last year, and the third was a sleek concept designed with sports teams, musicians, celebrities, and corporate VIPs in mind, also unveiled last year.

The ABJ Eleganté is comprised of a chic, fluid layout that upholds a natural traffic flow through the craft and makes optimal use of the available space. The furniture is of rich, high-quality wood veneer, which is designed to match the interior’s ambient light, while fabric is finished with fluid shapes and results in that posh, slightly futuristic effect. Despite the state-of-the-art interior, the concept is actually quite affordable and allows jetsetting clients an aesthetically pleasing craft that still boasts ample interior space.

Upon entrance, the craft opens up into the spacious cabin followed by a large front gallery that has the option to be closed off from the main cabin for privacy. Ever social-minded, the design also features a lounge area with two large sofas as well as a sizeable dining table in the aft with an impressive 46’ display screen – an area which can also be used for business as it also boasts information screens embedded into the facade with power supply for computers and a central pop-up communication center.

An additional lounge and private office are attached to the aft cabin, each with a personal bookshelf. The room can also double as a private bedroom with a full-sized double bed. The aircraft is also host to a full-height wardrobe, and a full-width bathroom and dressing room, with the bathroom featuring a designer sink against a stone wall, stylish wood side units, revolving mirror, and a hidden storage area. The area features a stone floor and noise-reducing curtains over the rear exit doors.

Of the innovative and anticipated new concept, Chris Sedgwick, Technical Sales Executive for BAE Systems Regional Aircraft, comments, “A fully converted ABJ of this level of quality can be put on the ramp for between US $12-15 million, or the cost of a much smaller mid-sized business jet, and certainly for considerably less than a new-build regional jet conversion. The large cabin space of the ABJ means that an interior arrangement close to that of a Boeing Business Jet can be accommodated, so the ABJ can be a useful complement to the bigger aircraft for shorter journeys, or to access difficult, short or unpaved airfields.”