Haute MD: Groupon Selling Breast Implants

Last week Groupon’s Deal of the Day in Paris was a discounted breast augmentation. In addition to the 54% off deal, buyers would be allowed to pay in two installments (insert joke here).

But seriously, has Groupon gone too far? Should serious medical procedures be sold online at a discount? I recently received an offer from a competitor coupon site for a discounted gynecological exam and my first thought was I’d like to keep my pap smears and stirrups OFF the sale rack.

I also couldn’t help but wonder about the Doctor offering the deal. Was he/she hurting for business? I usually have a 3-week wait before I am able to get in to see my gyno. And although this can be somewhat frustrating at times, I must admit that it gives an (arguably) false-sense of security that I’ve chosen a Doc who is competent enough to warrant a wait.

Nonetheless, people did purchase–3 had been confirmed at the time this was written–so perhaps I am just a prude. Whatever the case, when it comes to a Buy One Get One Free, I’d prefer my PAIR to be a set of great looking shoes.

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