Haute MD: Blackberry Facial

(Paul Lebrecque Salon & Spa)

Watch out “Blackberry thumb” there’s a new syndrome in town. And it’s a malady of the…neck kind?

That’s right. According to Joanna Czech, NYC based esthetician our workaholic tendencies are now taking their toll on our necks. Czech developed the “Blackberry Facial” after noticing more pronounced wrinkles and lines on the necks of her clients. She attributes these to us constantly looking down at our smart phones.  The facial is actually a neck exfoliation procedure that includes a cleansing, several peels and a hydrating serum. Lymphatic drainage, LED light, microcurrents and an oxygen mask complete the $200 treatment.

So whether you choose to believe that this is a true syndrome or that Czech is just a marketing genius is up to you. In the meantime, I choose to take this as yet another sign that we should put the blackberry down and communicate the way nature intended, face to face. And perhapd my delicate neck will thank me.