Haute Time: The New Corum Admiral’s Cup Challenger 44 Chrono Rubber is Perfect for Summer

As summer approaches, so does the opportunity for some serious fun. Corum recognizes the need for stylish elegance yet versatile durability in their design for the new Admiral’s Cup Challenger 44 Chrono Rubber watches. Vulcanized rubber features promise a watch that is both elegantly sporty and able to handle all of summer’s demands. From boating to lounging on the beach, this heartier version of the celebrated model meets the needs of today’s active and stylish timepiece aficionado.

The seven new COSC-certified models bear an indelible sportiness with velvet finish matte sheens on vibrantly colored rubber straps. With color choices galore – all of which exude the brightness of summer – and luxurious features such as an optional gold bezel, the Chrono Rubber marries the best of elegance and durability.

The watch is still unmistakably characteristic of the Admiral’s Cup collection, inheriting the iconic 12-sided design and inner bezel ring adorned with nautical pennants that allow the piece to remain youthful, yet refined. The pieces’ hands, minute numerals, chronographs, and chevrons are all highlighted by luminescent white, red, or grey coloring while the seconds hands still bear the notable Corum key counterweight – all providing elegant finishing touches to a lively counterpart to the brand’s already revered collection.