Bring Joy, Share Joy: Pilates In Palm Beach and Beyond with Ajda Sabuncu

The best gift you can give to others is joy! As mentioned in my previous posts, in my book, SONIA’S RING: 11 WAYS TO HEAL YOUR HEART, I discuss NOURISHMENT. This is what I mean for the body, mind, and soul.  I have already suggested some great Palm Beach places for food and now I would like to ask my Haute Living readers, what is your physical condition? Do you go to the gym? Do you do physical exercise to get the blood flowing and oxygen to your cells?  Remember, physical and spiritual well being is necessary for life and growth.  Indeed, science confirms that our emotions have a very real influence on our bodies.  So do you want to be joyful?

There are many options when it comes to filling your body with physical and spiritual nourishment.  Pilates is one. For all my amazing Haute Living readers who may want to try or have already tried Pilates, I must recommend to you, Ajda Sabuncu!  Ajda’s passion for Pilates developed in 2000, when she first began as a client.  Then she decided she must help to spread the benefits and results of Pilates with others so she furthered her education and knowledge at Pilates Center of NYC training center, teaching the STOTT method. Furthermore, she has been trained by Pilates Academy International and continues her knowledge with various workshops.

After owning successful studios in Istanbul, Turkey for five years, Ajda now freelances at local Palm Beach studios including “Synergy” in Jupiter and Pilates Studio 1, and at private homes throughout South Florida. She returns to Istanbul and Bodrum in the summer where she continues training her former clients. Ajda’s dedication and discipline is amazing!  Her positive energy is wonderful! Her style and teaching technique is  unique!  Her specialty is athletic conditioning.

For my beautiful Haute Living readers who I adore and appreciate, do what provides the greatest amount of nourishment for your body.  I know that Pilates with Ajda will bring you joy as she shares her joy for this marvelous and delightful exercise system developed by Joseph Pilates to strengthen muscles, increase flexibility, and improve overall health!

For more information contact Ajda directly through Facebook – Ajdapilates or send her an email at  She also recommends and does Pilates at Scoop! Fitness located in Palm Beach Gardens,with friend and owner, Frankie Puglisi.

With Gratitude and Kindness, Love Love Love, Sonia