$2.5 Million for a Pirates of the Caribbean Themed Home Theater

Have you ever dreamed of a home theater in the coziness of your own home just like the one in the movies? Well your wishes could soon be granted for a near $2.5 million! A homeowner in West Palm Beach, Florida has his little piece of heaven lying over his property.

With help from Elite Home Theater Seating, the Pirates of the Caribbean fan has transformed a massive portion of his home into an extravagant theater compound, projected to take you assail the high seas just in time for the latest Jack Sparrow flick.

The mini movie theater provides an entryway with a ticketing booth, a candlelit saloon packed with a full rum bar that’s intended for a drunken pirate, and a monstrous screen that’s positioned in the front deck. The venue was designed to look like you’re in a 17th century hostelry struck between the rough tarnished seas. Hand-painted ceiling canvases resemble a gloomy Caribbean heaven, yet the complex is fully outdoors. The sunken ship is completely illuminated with gas-lantern wick torches that give the space a warm, and mystical glow, making you feel you’re aboard the violent vessel. The seating area is the crème de le crème with oversized, luxurious, swanky seats that make you sink right in and layback to enjoy the show. Surrounding the seating area are white sails that decorate the overhead as well as extreme rows of ropes teeming along the gnarled lumber, making the vessel look as if it had been blow away by a harsh storm.

And to think this was all made up of pure fun! The “Pirates” home themed theater undeniably takes you down memory lane, back to being a kid, and living that first time cinema experience.

[Source: wfmj.com]