World’s Most Expensive Pizza Found at New Delhi’s Luxurious Qube Restaurant

There are times when you crave the luxury of lobster and caviar; and then there are days when you just want the satisfaction of biting into that perfect slice of pizza. Luckily, New Delhi’s spectacular Leela Palace Hotel’s Qube Restaurant has gone ahead and combined the two to produce the most expensive (and undoubtedly delicious) pizza in the country at Rs. 9999, or $225.

Are you surprised that India, out of all places, has nabbed the title for most expensive pizza? Don’t be! Pizza is actually one of the nation’s favorite dishes, and Leela Palace is its most expensive hotel. So, really, it actually makes sense.

Leela Palace’s Qube restaurant, which is situated in glass and overlooks the property’s magnificent garden, is where the magic takes place. For their sumptuous new signature dish, the chefs start with a wood-fired pizza topped with succulent Canadian lobster and thyme-scented Marscapone cheese, and finish it off by sprinkling it with 28 grams of rare Iranian Beluga caviar. And, because caviar wouldn’t be complete without vodka, even on a pizza, the decadent dish is perfected with a frozen Blue Goose, a type of martini made with Grey Goose Vodka and Hpnotiq liqueur.

[Source: Luxury Launches]