Tory Burch Conquering Asian Market

It is no secret that Asia claims a steadily ballooning luxury market, with China blowing most of the air. As it continues to flourish, designers are flocking to its beckon call to relish in the success its wealthy denizens have to offer. Tory Burch is just one of those designers who have reaped benefits from what Asia is sowing.

Her eponymous brand pummeled the scene a few years back offering nothing more than a luxurious take on comfortable ballet flats and printed tunics.  She was recently in Taiwan and Hong Kong to celebrate the opening of her newest outposts in Asia and also rounded out her retail outlets with a 50th store in Beijing.

To inaugurate the Asian expansion, Ms. Burch invited Chinese elitists to join her in a welcoming bash in Hong Kong last Friday, May 13.  Celebrities from Hong Kong, Beijing, Shanghai, and Taiwan reveled in the Four Seasons Hotel’s grand ballroom which was bedecked in Tory Burch prints and signature style such as the geometric patterns commonly used for her clothing line. Forbes magazine reported that Ms. Burch, a self-admitted music addict, even had DJ Cassidy flown in to liven up the party.  She also showed her full fall 2011 collection.

In attendance were such Chinese celebs as supermodel Du Juan and screen sirens Gao Yuan Yuan, Kelly Chan, and Hilary Tsui who all donned Tory Burch garb and partied alongside a throng of Hong Kong’s socialites.

With its international success and growing popularity, it is sure to be another productive fiscal year for the fledgling brand.

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