Supermodels with Super Bank Accounts- Forbes List of Top Ten Earners

A triple threat of heavy-hitting beauty has emerged once again from the embers of the world’s economic state.  Forbes Magazine compiled a list of the world’s top-earning female models with three steadfast names sitting pretty at the summit. Gisele Bündchen, Heidi Klum, and Kate Moss have pummeled the competition raking in a collective sum of $112 million in the 12 months from last May.  The 30 percent increase from last year’s total of $86.5 million is proof that the luxury market is feeling a breath of revival.  Like the majority of celebrities these days, the triad has converted themselves from simply faces to successful entrepreneurs.

Bündchen reigns supreme over the power pod and has proved her worth with a solid 40 percent bump in third-quarter earnings in the Latin American market for Procter & Gamble. “Bündchen is clearly in a class by herself, and has been for a number of years,” says Edward Razek, chief marketing officer of Limited Brands, who worked with the supermodel during her Victoria’s Secret career. “She’s an international icon who can also move product–from shampoo to couture.”  She alone raked in an estimated $45 million the 12-month period, a $20 million surplus from the previous year’s Bündchen-bundle. The thriving economy in her native Brazil didn’t seem to hurt either.

Heidi Klum, the supermom slash model, slash television host, slash executive producer of Project Runway only claimed what Bündchen did in 2010 year at $20 million. Last year Klum finally plucked her pair of Victoria’s Secret Angel wings and plunged into the entertainment industry head first. The German gem, who now adds clothing designer to the list, partnered with New Balance and to market the line. She will also grace the small screen as host of a second show on Lifetime, called “Seriously Funny Kids.”

Kate Moss, the new face of Dior, holds the fort at position number three, even though suffering from a dearth of exposure her predecessors proudly claim. Lindsay Lohan may not be far off the track after all since apparently party-hopping, effortless style, and a few clicks of the shutter can garner a thick paycheck.

Even though Forbes claims fledgling faces aren’t benefiting as much as their veteran counterparts, with salaries like these, desperate parents-to-be might start dumping a little extra dough into the Petri dish in hopes of a supermodel.