Marchesa to Design Couture Costumes for Playboy Bunnies

The House of Marchesa and Playboy have made an interesting alliance in a charitable effort to battle breast cancer.  The London-born female duo of the New-York-based brand have been called upon by Hugh Hefner’s team to give the iconic bunny costume a fresh appeal for the opening of the Playboy Club in London.

“We were approached and were immediately intrigued by the opportunity,” said Marchesa co-designer Georgina Chapman to Vogue magazine, according to the .”The Playboy Bunny costume is one of fashion and pop culture’s most iconic emblems. The Playboy brand is about fantasy and escapism, which are elements embodied in our Marchesa collections.”

No telling on who or what the fashion-forward brand is using as inspiration to create the unique costumes, however Chapman added, “I recently discovered that both Lauren Hutton and Debbie Harry were Playboy Bunnies in the Sixties. They would’ve been perfect; they are so fun and daring in their style,” so an amalgamation of classic beauty and rock-and-roll might have possibly already taken precedence.

The designer pieces will be solely used for the grand-opening of the London location and then auctioned to raise money for Breast Cancer Awareness.

[Source: New York Daily News]