Hawker Beechcraft and Lotus Announce Partnership and Exclusive Promotion

At last week’s European Business Aviation Convention and Exhibit (EBACE) in Geneva, Hawker Beechcraft Corporation (HBC), the world’s leading manufacturer of business, special mission, and trainer aircrafts, announced a partnership with high performance sports car company Group Lotus for a number of unique projects. Though this collaboration, two of Britain’s most renowned performance brands will come together with over 140 combined years of legendary innovation and craftsmanship.

HBC Executive Vice President Shawn Vick comments, “Lotus is a perfect partner for Hawker Beechcraft as we both share a long-standing tradition of providing products with ground-breaking design, technical innovation and exceptional quality and performance. This strategic alliance represents an exciting and progressive step forward in both the aviation and motoring markets, allowing our engineers to share knowledge and expertise that will benefit both parties.”

Through this partnership, everyone benefits. HBC announced at the EBACE that an exclusive sales promotion would be offered in commemoration of the union. All customers who purchase an HBC aircraft between last week’s convention and June 30 will also receive a Lotus sports car – Hawker customers will receive a Lotus Evora while Beechcraft King Air customers will receive a Lotus Elise.

HBC and Lotus have both been the firsts in their respective fields to embrace composite design and to set the bar in motoring technology. Additionally, both brands have been industry leaders in innovative development of composites, weight reduction, and aerodynamics; this union will result in an extraordinary opportunity for the two companies to share expert knowledge and further innovate through unique technological initiatives.

According to Hawker Beechcraft, HBC will be joining the Lotus Renault GP at various F1 Grand Prix events, including races in Turkey, Monaco, Germany, and Britain over the coming season. Hawker aircrafts will also be featured at local airports during the race weekends while prospects and clients will be granted access to exclusive events within the Lotus Renault paddock.