Haute Yachts: Asia is the future of yachting

The future of yachting lies in Asia according to the leading global conference for the marina industry, the International Council of Marine Industry Associations (ICOMIA), with over 100 planned and envisioned marinas across the region.

Now in its seventh year, the ICOMIA conference was staged for the first time in Asia, in Singapore, from May 10-12. It was attended by Gulu Lalvani, developer of Thailand’s luxurious Phuket Marina, who asserted that Phuket, currently the most developed yachting community on the continent, is the hub of Asia’s burgeoning yachting industry. “With the largest and most exotic sailing grounds in the world – larger than Mediterranean and Caribbean put together – the future of yachting is definitely Asian,” he asserted.

ICOMIA President Lorenzo Selva added that due to yachting’s surging popularity, there were many opportunities for marina professionals in Asia. Boating is increasing considerably in Asian countries, and marina capacity needs to be developed to meet future demand. Local expertise in marina management is lacking in most markets and so there are many opportunities for marina professionals in this new and upcoming frontier.”

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