Haute Toys: New Amosu Blinged-Out Black Gold and Diamond Blackberry Curve

For those of you susceptible to losing cell phones more often than you’d like admit, stop reading because the uber-blinged out version of Blackberry’s Curve 3G 9300 will set you back about the cost of a new Prius.

Alexander Amosu, a front-runner in ultimate-luxury designs based in the U.K, has developed a way to make talking on the phone a life-threatening liability, not through super-powered radioactive micro-waves, but through diamond encrustation.  However, it is possible that the rays of the scorching sun might indeed capture the facets of those tiny gems and thusly transform into some level of radioactive micro-waves. Just a thought and obviously not proven.

Amosu is widely acknowledged for such designs as the 24-carat Kindle, the Amosu Couture Valentine Pink Swarovski iPhone 4 in recognition of Valentine’s Day, the Solid Gold Blackberry Torch, and his Pink Limited Edition range of smartphones for women.  This year he takes his bling-ification to another degree by giving a Curve 3G 9300 an 18-carat black-gold bath and then swathing the Blackberry in exactly 1400, 15-carat diamonds.  Apparently some poor soul had the tedious job of actually counting the precious stones.

The phenomenal and unparalleled elegance of the Amosu Black Diamond reigns supreme amongst blinged-out devices which includes a one year 24-hour free international concierge service with purchase, along with an exclusive U.K number with six consecutive digits, and to protect your investment, an authentic crocodile-skin case will be gifted to you in the color of your choice. The price for this toy?  $26,056.

The Blackberry Curve 3G 9300 continues to be one of the most popular Blackberry devices operating on a 3G network, with 2MP camera as well as Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity, and now you can add diamonds to boot.

[Source EliteChoice.com]