Buckingham Palace to Display 200 Years of Royal Diamonds

Step aside, Princess, and make way for the Queen. Although the spotlight has been on Kate recently, it is Queen Elizabeth II who will soon become the second-ever sovereign in British history to surpass a reign of 60 years, the other being Queen Victoria. To commemorate this milestone, Buckingham Palace is planning “Diamonds: A Jubilee Celebration.”

Although final dates of the event have not yet been set, word of the unprecedented exhibition has already generated some serious anticipation. The regal collection will contain a variety of diamonds owned by royalty from the past 200 years. According to Luxury Launches, many historical pieces will be on display, including Victoria’s extravagant coronation necklace – a brilliant creation of 25 graduated cushion-shaped diamonds with a 22.48-carat drop-shaped central pendant.

Other notable pieces are a pair of earrings that have been worn by five different queens during their coronation, Queen Victoria’s 2,287-diamond miniature crown, and her magnificent fringe brooch set with a large emerald-cut brilliant diamonds surrounded by 12 other large stones, and suspended by nine diamond chains. The famous Williamson Brooch, with its incredible Tanzanian pink diamond, will also make its appearance along with the “Girls of Great Britain Tiara” – a wedding gift to Princess Victoria Mary of Teck.