BRIC’S: A Family Tradition of Fine Italian Travel Goods

Mario Briccola began the legacy of BRIC’S back in 1952 when he turned his passion for fine leather goods into a business. With a fervor for design that features practicality, functionality, and a chic Italian flair, BRIC’s has since become a leading name in luxury travel accessories and has been spotted  on the arm of some world’s most discerning clients including new princess Kate Middleton, Marcia Cross, and Oprah. Their bags have also been featured in movies such as Mamma Mia! and The Tourist with Angelina Jolie and Johnny Depp. A marriage of trendy colors and state-of-the-art materials works in accordance with time-tested traditional craftsmanship with a focus on sheer excellence and inspired by the gorgeous Varese region of Italy.

The family-run business is now under the direction of Mario Briccola’s son Pietro, who was recently the honored guest at their Los Angeles boutique in Century City. Pietro maintains BRIC’s mission of bringing the world creative collections that possess a certain cosmopolitan style and taste.

BRIC’S continues to hold onto this tradition while staying at the cutting edge of present trends and styles, leading them to be increasingly popular throughout the world. Pietro Briccola comments, “Since our first store in Milan, we have expanded with stores throughout the U.S., featured in the windows of Harrods of London, and also available through Neiman Marcus and Selfridges online. ” The brand has grown considerably, and for good reason.

From traveling with the princess and Oprah to an incredible collaboration with legendary luxury auto design firm Pininfarina, BRIC’S continues to build on an already sterling repetoire. Of the brand’s loyal and ever-growing popularity, Briccola states, “Our dedication to functionality and durability sets us apart from the rest, and our attention to detail produces the perfect product.”

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