Bijan-designed 2011 Bugatti Veyron Grand Sport Released a Month After His Passing

We here at Haute Living were very sad to hear about the unfortunate passing of Bijan, the fashion legend who graced our LA issue as the cover feature last month. His death in April was unexpected, but he is survived by his indelible contributions to the world of high fashion, the unparalleled quality of his work, and his fervent love of exotic automobiles. Although Bijan is no longer with us, he continues to wow us with his opulence with the posthumous release of his exclusive Bijan-designed Bugatti Veyron Grand Sport.

Bijan’s famed love for luxe autos has resulted in partnerships with a number of automakers like Ferrari, Rolls-Royce, and Bentley, but it is with Bugatti that Bijan harbored a true love. The “bumblebee” black and yellow Bugatti Veyron that he purchased last year drew admirers as it sat parked outside his famous appointment-only store. It was the love he had for this Veyron that sparked an interest to create another, even more customized one.

According to TopSpeed, the fashion icon worked with Bugatti Design Director Achim Anscheidt to custom design Bijan’s second Veyron. In true Bijan fashion, the color scheme was high gloss, polished aluminum with an iconic Bijan Yellow accent running along the length of the vehicle, drawing eyes to the Bijan trademark painted onto the bonnet of the car. Anscheidt recently released a video discussing the design of the vehicle, as well as the customization process in collaboration with Bijan. (See video below)

The special edition auto also boasts a two-tone set of diamond-cut wheels, trademarks and logos in solid aluminum, and Bijan’s signature, which was set on platinum and placed on the Veyron’s rear spoiler. The interior is ultra sporty yet luxurious – a yellow and black carbon fiber color scheme with numerous unique details, such as a personalized power meter and an iPad between the seats.

The stunning Veyron had been in development for quite some time and was finally completed a couple of weeks ago. Though Bijan was unfortunately unable to present his car, the details that are so very fitting of the “King of Luxury” make it the ideal tribute to a man who embodied the spirit of magnificence.