A Zest for Living: The Sports Club Company’s Nanette Pattee Francini

Day in and day out, Nanette Pattee Francini, President and Co-Founder of The Sports Club Company, lives and breathes for health and fitness.

Nanette Pattee Francini is a top fitness and lifestyle expert who has revolutionized the health industry with her unique approach to fitness and sports clubs. In 1979, Francini and her longtime friend Michael Talla paired up to open The Sports Connection in Santa Monica, an “urban country club” combining traditional fitness strategies with state-of-the-art facilities and services. Eventually the club expanded, building up a wide celebrity clientele, and the pair opened new clubs throughout the country. In 1987 The Sports Club/LA opened, pushing the luxury health and fitness club market to an entirely different level.


Coffee, a Vanilla Power Crunch bar and the LA Times. And a quick goodbye to my husband who’s out the door trying to fit in a swim at The Sports Club/LA before a long day at Universal Music.


Let my two doggies—a Maltese and a Havanese—out to play while I look at emails on my Blackberry, and complete any paperwork or reading I’ve brought home from the office from the day before.


Pull myself together and head to the office.

 In 1987 The Sports Club/LA opened, pushing the luxury health and fitness club market to an entirely different level.


More emails (I sometimes forget I actually have a phone) and meetings—either with some of my direct reports-our Chief Operating Officer, Director of Marketing etc., or perhaps a meeting with an outside company to interview them for a specialized service.


Lunch—either brought to my office from Oliver café/ lounge at the Club (I eat too often at my desk!) or at The Sports Club/LA with my partners, colleagues or friends.  Always the same thing: grilled salmon and steamed veggies.


Fielding what has come in since the morning and touching base with others at the office..


Maybe a visit to Michaeljohn at the Club for a blow-dry if I’m going out that night, or an Intraceutracals Oxygen Facial with Donna at our The Sports Club/LA Splash Spa if I’m not going out (not an everyday occurrence!).


A workout with Mark, Tom or Ricardo, three of our fabulous Advantage Private Trainers.


Back at the office to wrap up the day, and grab what hasn’t gotten done to take home.


Usually dinner at home (whatever healthy thing I can scrounge up—or I’ve brought take-out home from Oliver Café and a little last minute work “catch-up.”)


A little work wrap-up on my iPad (ok-maybe a little shopping too), then off to the Good Wife or Modern Family on TV and then to a great book on my Kindle.