Nick Friedberg: NSF Come to Life


Nick Friedberg, the visionary behind the Men and Women’s clothing line NSF, allowed me the pleasure to pick his brain on what fuels his genius via conference call last week.The Los Angeles native spoke of being visual and mentally stimulated by architecture, interior design, and most of all, his surrounding environment. The famous west coast aesthetic of NSF’s casual cool sportswear speaks to an “understated individualism” in each of us, as if our own subtle truths and insecurities slip through the knit weaves to reveal a confident super-self; pure perfection.

When asked, “What is your first step in designing a collection?” Nick paused and responded, “planning a collection is like baking a cake…”  While he explains I realize such is true in the sense of obtaining the necessary materials in order to create, as well as the finesse in which the procedures must be performed…only instead of batter and icing, you have fabrics, silhouettes, and fun things like lines to step out of and bounds to break. In the end you get one chic metaphorical cake and quite literately the best analogy I have ever had the pleasure of pondering.


Nick Friedberg’s passion for self- expression and pure obsession with materials encouraged my own creativity to flourish; quite a feat. While discussing his endeavors, I cannot help but dream of my own similar wishes for fashion – and society! Nick intends to slowly and strategically expand his brand by creating new endeavors.  A possible footwear or accessories line could be in the works, but we can all definitely expect a constant evolution of the aesthetic we so love him for in the future. When I ask my favorite question, “Where do you see your brand in five years?” He responds, “Retail stores would be nice…I’d build them up myself.”

Extremely impressed with his dedication, we further discussed business intentions of which Friedberg reiterated his lack of desire to push sells to the sell-out point; “I never want to be over sold or over designed…” True to form, his collections contain nothing but the breeziest, cleanest lines inside silhouettes of a relaxed nature – broadcasting the “cool independent spirit” of the NSF man or woman.  As equally appealing to the movers and shakers in their 20s as the homebody yogis in their 40s, Nick Friedberg’s designs have an uncanny way of becoming that go-to piece for all types…all types of Barney’s and Neiman’s shoppers.

"NSF Nick Friedberg"

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