Hillstone Restaurant Group Buys East Hamptons’ Della Femina Restaurant

Hillstone, the esteemed restaurant group behind the likes of Houston’s, Palm Beach Grill, R+D, South Beverly Grill, and others, has bought out the Hamptons’ Della Femina. According to curbed.com, rumors of the takeover have been buzzing for a while, but now they have been confirmed. The new name of the East Hamptons spot will be East Hampton Grill and will draw inspiration from its sister restaurant in Florida, the Palm Beach Grill.

The Hamptons’ Della Femina is named after its owner Jerry Della Femina, the legendary advertising magnate who is said to be the inspiration behind AMC’s series Mad Men. His namesake restaurant, which opened in 1994, quickly became a celebrity hot spot and helped the Hamptons’ restaurant industry continue to rise in popularity, drawing celebs like Barbara Streisand, Martha Stewart, and Howard Stern to the restaurant. Even still, the Hamptons are abuzz with anticipation for the new restaurant, which is rumored to open early to mid May.