Q & A: Exclusive Interview with Jené Luciani, Style Expert aka “The Bra Lady”

Jené Luciani, Style Expert, The Bra Lady
Jené Luciani, Style Expert, The Bra Lady

Jené Luciani has been a recognized style expert for over a decade. You have seen and heard her regularly doling out style advice on media outlets including The Today ShowThe Style Network’s How Do I Look?, Better TV, CNN Money, ABC News, Cosmo Radio, Martha Stewart Living Radio, NBC 4 New York’s LX-TV (the list goes on and on). Most importantly ladies (and gentlemen), you’ve probably heard of her by the name of  “The Bra Lady.”

Now, she is slated to appear on new BRAVO series with designer Chris March. In fact, today is the launch of her new book “The Bra Digital Book,” and her latest couture collaboration with March. I had a chance to ask Jené a few questions on the up coming spring trends, her collaboration with March, and yes bras (including how to properly measure yourself!).  We also dive into her favorite NYC hotspots and lots of other goodies.

Martha: When did you realize “Hey, I’m a style expert!”?

Jené Luciani: After I’d been writing my style column and going on-air for a little while, people started coming to me for advice on everything from boobs and bras, to prom dresses and even what outfit to wear to a Bon Jovi concert! I became the go-to-gal for family and friends (and friends of friends) and realized that all these years of working in the fashion industry, styling, working with models and researching fashion topics had made me an expert! I now receive dozens of SOS messages a day from fans and friends who need advice. It is gratifying to know I can help people in that way!!! People have told me that I have so many tricks up my sleeve, they know I can always help them out in a pinch. I’m happy to share my “secrets!”

Martha: What inspired your couture colaboration with Chris March?

JL: I had this party coming up to celebrate the digital version of my book, The Bra Book, and I needed a really fabulous gown to really make a statement. As a style expert, people expect me to wear something fabulous so I really wanted to raise the bar. So I called Chris and he came up with the idea to make a bra-inspired dress for me….it is going to be a first of its kind. We worked on the elements and details of it together. My personality really needs to come through in this dress. Just like the cover of The Bra Book, I’m a “pink” person. To me, it’s a happy color! It’s also the theme of the party so I definitely wanted to incorporate that color.  Of course, lots of sparkle and GLAMOUR! I can’t reveal any more because it’s all being filmed for his new show on BRAVO which is airing this summer!

M: How was it working with Chris?

JL: He is amazing… a brilliant designer and a nice guy, too! He knows how  to “tone it down” when necessary or amp up the drama when needed, as in my case!

M: What’s one Spring trend we should all look out for (and embrace)?

JL: COLOR!!! After emerging from the drab and dreary days of winter, I am loving the BRIGHT corals and pinks, neon’s, color-blocking and mixing of colors that we are seeing for spring!

M: What are the bra style-staples every woman should own?

JL: Every woman should own at least 7 bras, one for every day of the week, so that you can rotate. They should have a variety of these: A comfy “spa” bra for everyday; a strapless bra for special occasions; a sexy bra for whenever you want to feel sexy and a sports bra for exercising.

M: Is there a quick guide you can give our readers on how to properly measure themselves for the perfect fitting bra?

JL: You need a tape measure (the sewing kind). First, wrap it around directly under your bust. Record that measurement. Round up by adding 1 to 2 inches For example, if you measure 33, round up to a 34. That is your “band size.” Then wrap the tape measure around the fullest part of your bust. Record that measurement. Take that number and subtract the other number. The “difference” between the two determines your cup size. For example, 1” difference most likely means A cup, 2” means B cup and so on, all the way up to J or even K!

Always remember you still need to try everything on because brands run differently and styles within those brands run differently

M: What is your favorite NYC hot spot (cafe, lounge, neighborhood, etc…)?

JL: Well, since I love to shop and spa, no matter how trendy other neighborhoods get, SoHo will always be my favorite place to discover new and old favorites for boutiques. Because 90% of my work is on TV, I always need cute clothes and accessories that haven’t been “seen” before (on me or anyone else!) That’s why I love vintage and designer re-sale stores like What Goes Around Comes Around (SoHo), or Roundabout (on UWS).  Tory Burch is also a personal favorite. For spa, I love Oasis on Park and my go-to for brows is Hibba NYC in Soho.

M: Where do you love to go shopping in NYC?

JL: I shop EVERYWHERE. I love small boutiques that offer a variety, hidden gems at secondhand stores or great buys at mass retail or dept stores.

M: What is one thing you cannot leave home without?

JL: I have to pick just one? (laughs) My oversized Gucci bag that carries everything and expands via snaps when I need it to, my blackberry and my Bobbi Brown lip-gloss…and in some instances, my adorable 18 month old daughter GiGi. She’s my fave accessory.

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