Haute Time: Perrelet’s Turbine XS, For the Lovely Ladies Out There

I would typically shudder at the mere thought of posting a watch with all this “ice”, but Perrelet has earned a genuine pass. I say this without the slightest air of gratuity, but if I was going to give a timepiece to a lady, this would be it. Enough with the ever-typical Rolex or TAG Heuer (not that I don’t appreciate those brands)… It’s just that they’re too common and when thinking of a timepiece for my lady (the last one), this Perrelet Turbine would have been ideal. I’ve seen the Turbine in real-time and it is an awesome timepiece. To imagine this Turbine, even though I hate diamonds, with its spinning motion, would be incredible.

Anyhow, just a quick share… Enjoy, and click here for more information on the Turbine from Perrelet…

Jason Williams is an independent behind the thesogolonmovement.com. The site was launched to catalog and share what he considers to be the coolest, downtempo timepieces ever brought to market.