Haute Fashion: Behind-the-Scenes at Paris Fashion Week Lanvin Runway Show

There are many different aspects of femininity that a woman strives to reach within her lifestyle. The impressive elegance of a classic lady. The straight conventional attitude, whilst still being able to coincide with a flowing nature of moderation. And an edgy and wicked alter-ego that goes to make everything about her that much more interesting. Seems like a lot to handle? Well for designer, Alber Elbaz, these universal styles were just a runway away from the female population, as all of them played a graceful yet mischievous role in his 2011 Collection of Lanvin Paris during Paris’ distinguished Fashion Week.

One simple word to describe this collection: Naughty. Elbaz and even the beautifying staff backstage set their whole looks on this single word, as it holds many different functions. For Alber Elbaz, it mean creating something that went against the grain, keeping the classical Lanvin tradition of fresh femininity while spicing it up with ravishingly masculine undertones, and geometric lines. Even the hair and makeup intertwined with this unanimous vision, giving the professional models dark eye tones of thrashing shapes, and sharp, sleek pony-tails to maintain the celebration of womanhood and sensual power.

Just looking upon the full pieces of this collection gives the eye many different looks that combine to create a uniquely tasteful compilation of high fashion. With shifting colors such as prominent black, piercing orange, pale pink and comfortable brown, this Lanvin collection sets a pace of eclectic styles and traditional sophistication. The styles of 60s flair and modern beauty only enhance the sensational aura of this collection. Alber Elbaz said, “You know what, maybe it’s old, maybe it’s wrong, maybe it’s quiche—but maybe it’s right”. Well Mr. Elbaz, with your Lanvin Paris Collection, you got it right! Click on the videos below for exclusive backstage videos and fashion clips of this collection, or visit News2Know.com.