Arabic Inspiration: Luxury Narghiles by Airdiem

Eric Gormand was on a business trip to the Middle East when he discovered the Narghile. He became so enraptured with this “art of living” object that he decided to make it the basis for his company Airdiem. Over the past four years Gourmand’s company has become one of the leading manufacturers for the Narghile, an object which has a history of over 500 years.

Airdiem employs a team of gifted international designers to create specially crafted luxury Narghiles. Each designer’s creation is carried out through a team of expert artisans who employ the French know-how in creating luxury products. Airdiem uses the highest quality materials and uses rare and exotic woods in way which respects the environment and the people from the places in which they are derived.

Airediem’s designers transform the traditional Arabic object of the Narghile into a functional 21st century object. Designers include works by Nedda El-Asmar, Antoine Brac de la Perriere, Hilton McConnico, and Michele Gay.

Airdiem’s Narghile’s transform the smoking room into an artful and leisurely intimate space. The elegant and sophisticated style of these objects marries the playful intimacy of the French Boudoir with a centuries-old Arabic pastime.

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