Season’s Greetings from Duca Sartoria’s Max Girombelli

 As the seasons shift, embrace the chance to explore new avenues in dressing.

It’s a strange time of year. Months like February and March in New York often mean a snow day followed by one warm enough to make you want to mentally plan your spring wardrobe. And then, cold again.

The question: What to wear?

For the Duca gentleman, the answer will always be easy.

Let’s start with a selection of between season-jackets. A good wool jacket or better yet, one in light cashmere proves to be the perfect staple for this transitional time. Play with colors that blend with or play off of the detail in your shirt or pants; the options are endless and dressing becomes a great pleasure.

On other days the suit is the right call. For those occasions I must give due credit to the Brits for their myriad options of heavier materials that wear perfectly between seasons—a mastery I’m sure is due in part to the London weather which closely mimics the afore mentioned New York months. In any case, while they’ve perfected the skin, you need a little Italian soul: a classic blue custom Italian shirt worn with a thick tie knot will complete your look flawlessly.

It’s never a bad idea to dabble in something a little different either. I find a beautifully refined corduroy suit is a perfect solution during these months. In a rich caramel shade and boasting superfine stripes, I love to see this look liked in a paisley print. And make it your own; wear it with a tie or bowtie. Even add a vest for the more formal, three-piece-suit look. Or, just approach the look as we do in Italy: just a simple corduroy suit for between seasons.

Enjoy these days. As the seasons shift, embrace the chance to explore new avenues in dressing. When next we meet, spring will be in full swing, and the real fun will be planning that wardrobe; but for those tips, you’ll have to wait and see.

Until then…


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