LA FitExpo: Five Favorite Things

This past Saturday I ventured to the LA Fit Expo and amongst the sea of bikini ready bodies, six-pack abs, Carmen Electra, The Hulk and a partridge and a pear tree I found five of my favorite things:

Five: I can remember as a child my mother would go to Be Somebody Gym and do ’80s style aerobics; although shiny Lycra outfits and sweatbands are a thing of the past, hot woman are not. As I went from booth to booth I could see that there was a trend forming, ladies only fitness classes are back and this time they have gotten sassy with poles, boas and burlesque dance classes. I will let the cat out of the bag and clue you in, I do it on a weekly basis and I highly recommend it. Trendy or not it is a great overall experience for your mind and body. Trust me you will thank me and so will your man.

Four: There is nothing more disgusting than sitting on the bench at the gym and seeing sweat everywhere. Although I refuse to belong to a gym that does not have towel service, let’s be honest those things give you an unnecessary microdermabrasion and often times slip onto the floor mid rep thus defeating the germ-free environment. Gross! Alas, someone has answered my prayers and created The Body Shield, which is a workout towel that has a reverse hood and can attach itself to any equipment. It is made of the softest environmental friendly fibers and does not require detergent to keep it clean. So now all you little dirt balls have no excuse to not carry a towel.

Three: I think it is safe to say that as human beings we only have two hands and if you are like me you like to keep everything in its place and organized. Well the people over at SmartShake must have felt the same way because they invented a non-toxic leak proof shaker cup with two compartments and endless possibilities for storage. I think it is safe to say that I have found my new workout partner.

Two: I’ve said it before, but I have no problem repeating myself, if you do not have any other way of getting cardio in grab a hula hoop and start moving those hips. Hooping can build core strength, increase balance and coordination, and give you a cardiovascular workout to name just a few perks. While browsing about I found BodyHoops and they come in three sizes and even have a travel friendly folding hoop. That is truly music to my jet-setting ears.

One: Acupuncture. I’ve never been so calm and felt so on point as to when I get those tiny little needles stuck about my body. There is something to be said for this holistic approach to physical and emotional health, definitely a must as least once in your life. If you find yourself on the skeptical side, let me out your mind as ease and tell you that The World Health Organization and the National Institute of Health both recognize Acupuncture.

Even though I found five favorite products, some new and some old, the most valuable lesson came at the end of my day. I sat down to listen to Jay Cutler’s Seminar and although we may be very different as he appears to be a modern day Hercules, consuming almost as many calories daily as I do in a week and has biceps as big as my waist (literally), his attitude on success v. failure left a lasting impression. The man is one of the most recognizable bodybuilders to date and has made history for winning the Mr. Olympia title four times; however, these wins were not consecutive. The upset came in 2008 and his advice was even though we may fall, you must get back up and revamp yourself. I think regardless of your size, sex, religion or socio-economic background we should all take heed to this. We are not always going to win, but it is what we do after that makes us a winner.

Until next time my friends, visit To health and wellness, Salute.