Haute Event: The Unveiling of the New Continental GT

Bentley is recognized worldwide for setting new standards in automotive design and engineering. The new Continental GT is no exception. The stunning four-seat, all-wheel drive is lighter in weight than its predecessor, yet has more power, torque and fuel efficiency. This handcrafted luxury supercar with everyday usability was exclusively shown to members of the media and Bentley owners at private launch parties in New York, Los Angeles and Miami.

The stunning coupe with timeless Bentley style, as well as state of the art design and modern technology was the featured guest at Center548 in New York, Raleigh Studios in Hollywood and The Raleigh Hotel in Miami Beach.

Guests marveled over the seamless exterior design and the contemporary interior with incredibly comfortable, “Cobra” design seats, an 8-inch screen with advanced touch-screen technology and gorgeous soft-touch leather.  With 17 eye-catching standard paint colors and five finishes to choose from, the new Continental GT is a sophisticated vehicle that is sculpted for a wide range of tastes and tasks.

The Continental GT will be making its debut at select Bentley dealers throughout the United States, including at the Newport Auto Center, in the prestigious Orange County, Calif.

Throughout the next two months Bentley retailers in the United States will be hosting other select launch events and test drive activities.