Family Ties

The Sazant family of the Sagamore Hotel in South Beach depends upon the love and support from each other to keep their business going strong. At the Sagamore Hotel, it’s a family affair. Jennifer Taplin Sazant and her husband, Neil, are involved in all aspects of the business. As president of the hotel, Neil is constantly in contact with his associates to make sure everything runs smoothly. Jennifer, who co-owns the Hollen and Jennifer Vintage Showroom in Bay Harbour, is also involved in the workings of the hotel, providing support to her parents and husband and taking care of their two children, Connor, 8, and Sydney, 10.

We caught up with the dapper couple to get a glimpse into their typical day.

6:00AM: Wake up, eat breakfast and enjoy reading the paper together before the kids wake up. Papers of choice – Wall Street Journal, Miami Herald and (home of Florida Gator Football).

7:00AM: Wake up Connor and Sydney and get them ready for school at Lehrman Community Day School.

10:00AM: Neil heads to the Sagamore to meet with General Manager Brian Vujnovic to run through any hotel issues such as renovations, forecasting revenue, upcoming in-house groups, VIPs, etc.

12:00PM: Neil has a lunch meeting at the Sagamore with his PR team to talk through a social media contest currently in the works that would allow the Sagamore’s Facebook fans to vote on which fierce celebrity designer should re-design the Sagamore’s Penthouse.

12:30PM: Jennifer attends a lunch meeting at the University of Miami for Children’s First Society. CFS is a new, young professional volunteer group that raises money for children’s programs at the University of Miami’s Department of Pediatrics. Jennifer and Neil are both founding members.

1:30PM: Neil heads to the corporate office at 1177 Kane Concourse in Bay Harbour Island (home to Hollen & Jennifer’s Vintage Showroom, the Sagamore executive offices and Taplin & Associates run by Marty) to finish office work and follow up on voicemails.

2:00PM: Jennifer heads into the Showroom and joins her business partner Hollen Rosenberg for a shopping appointment with one of their favorite clients. The appointment is immediately followed by an interview with a local fashion blogger.

3:00PM: Neil and Marty meet to discuss their other office and apartment properties as well as a potential chef line up for a new concept at the Sagamore restaurant.

5:30PM: Neil and Jennifer leave 1177, pick up the kids and head to Connor’s basketball game and Sydney’s tennis lesson where they are joined by grandpa Marty and grandma Cricket Taplin to cheer on their star point guard and tennis player!

6:30PM: Neil, Jennifer, Sydney, and Connor celebrate a win by stopping by their favorite “on-the-go” trendy dinner spot the “Mobile Food Trucks” in North Miami for some delicious grub.

8:00PM: The family enjoys their time together finishing up homework, getting ready for bed and watching American Idol.

10:00PM: Jennifer and Neil curl into bed. Jennifer pages through all the latest fashion magazines getting ideas for the Vintage Showroom; Neil dives into a deep sleep.

–Sagamore Hotel