Wild Animal-Inspired Jewelry Collection

If you have a matching passion for animals and fashion accessories, Elisabeth Bell Jewelry is just for you. Inspired by the Egyptian Wing of the Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York-native Beth Kaltman has crafted a collection of gorgeous necklaces.

Kaltman spent much of her childhood volunteering at the local Audubon Society taking care of injured orphaned wildlife. Her love for these wild animals carried into her adulthood, and she began designing jewelry to celebrate and symbolize each unique creature. While researching and developing this line, Kaltman learned more about the spiritual aspects of animals, which can be seen through the intricate pieces she’s created.

If you would like to view her collection, her Web site welcomes you with the option to choose your animal spirit. Each of the nine animals you scroll over presents a charmingly unique necklace. Furthermore, these animals represent a combination of qualities a person is naturally drawn to: patience, passion, awareness, vigilance, mystery, protection, and so on. Whether they are qualities one wishes to obtain, or characteristics of an individual’s personality, Kaltman believes we all identify with a specific animal and its power.

Pieces from the Elisabeth Bell Jewelry collection are cast in 14-karat yellow, rose gold, white gold, black oxidized sterling silver, platinum and pave diamond. As they are exact replicas, the larger the animal is, the larger and heavier the piece is. Visit www.elisabethbelljewelry.com to buy your necklace today.

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