Warm Winter Beverages

Winter in New York City can be brutally cold. One way I have learned to overcome the all-day shivers is to have a regimen of warm drinks to choose from. Daily coffee drinkers get off easy because they can run to the nearest Starbucks or Dunkin Donuts (guaranteeing them a great drink of their choice.) While I myself am in the coffee drinkers category, sometimes we need to change it up a little. Thankfully, I have recently discovered the warmth and goodness of Yogi Tea.

I have never been a big tea-drinker, but I find Yogi Tea to be different than your typical dense tasting flavors. Made organically, every flavor I have tried has been light with various layers of taste and aroma, whether it is their Chai Black or Green Tea. Personally, my favorite is their Tahitian Vanilla Hazelnut. With a little bit of milk added, it’s the perfect drink to keep warm with and has a tang that resembles a lighter cup of coffee.

Another notable reason for becoming such a fan of Yogi Tea is due to their “Yogi Inspirations.” On the end of each tea bag’s string is a phrase of wisdom. If you become a regular drinker like I have, you can expect some repeats, but I’ll share one of my “Yogi Insipirations” I have read in the past: “Bliss is a constant state of mind, undisturbed by gain or loss.” The next time you go to buy your regular bag of coffee or tea, check out Yogi Tea in the organic food section. They also make flavors specializing in stress-relief, bedtime, skin detox, and many more.

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