In Good Hands: Tiu Lifestyle

Tui Lifestyle is the brainchild of world-renowned interior design talent, Tui Pranich, and his business partner, president and CEO Jason Atkins. Together the two have literally created a dynamic business model that has been revolutionizing the interior design world as we know it.

 Their newly added Authorized Dealer program allows business owners everywhere to become a part of the design revolution.

Tui Lifestyle was formed in response to modern society—people want things that are luxurious, but at the same time uncomplicated. As a home-beautifying no-brainer, so-to-speak, Tui Lifestyle offers turnkey solutions to interior decorating. Naysayers and skeptics surely think the simplicity, design, and ideal price tag of the Tui Lifestyle program means sacrificing something. “Too good to be true” syndrome is an epidemic that plagues most. But fret not, there is no catch. Tui Lifestyle simply employs the help of a smart, five-step system that fashions your abode without the stressors usually involved with home decoration. And with home furnishings and essentials that are both highly designed and affordable, the idea is to enter into a marriage of convenience and style.

Choosing the desired aesthetic is easy with Tui’s myriad of options at your finger tips, ranging from chic and modern to elegant and timeless. They also offer in-house design consultants that are available to custom-create a package that meets the needs of your home’s layout. They begin with fundamental rooms of the home like the living room, dining room, and master suite, but also provide the option to expand upon your order with room settings for additional bedrooms, lounge areas, offices, and the like.

And once the furnishings are in place, Tui Lifestyle walks you through the details. There’s no need to visit linen boutiques, electronics providers, art galleries or even beauty bars—a turnkey package equips your house with every essential straight away. Intricate chandeliers can be ordered as well as decorative consoles or mirrors. The TL team even takes care of providing you with beautiful silverware, china, electronics, artwork, and cleaning supplies.

In the décor industry, where long wait times are common and one can hang in the balance for months while expecting the delivery of a single couch, for Tui Lifestyle, the delivery procedure can be likened to white-glove service, with a uniformed team delivering and installing your new vignettes within 72 hours of your order being placed.

Headquartered in Miami with an outpost near Aventura and another strategically located in the Design District, Tui Lifestyle quickly garnered massive attention. In fact, the need for expansion became clear rather quickly and the Tui team, including president of sales, Philip Friedman, who has played a vital role in the brand’s growth, set out on a journey to take the country by storm. They recently opened a freestanding showroom in the posh Soho neighborhood of New York City. And because Tui Lifestyle revolves around creating solutions, they have reacted to the buzz surrounding the brand by developing a way for others to reap the same rewards. Their newly added Authorized Dealer program allows business owners everywhere to become a part of the design revolution. Of course, these authorized dealership opportunities are constructed with the same convenience as Tui’s design program. Tui takes care of all the back-end—the warehouse, the forklifts, the purchasing, returns, quality control, and inventory management; all businesses have to do is worry about the sales. And this powerful combination of the Tui brand, their top-of-the-line collections, and a winning sales strategy, they say, is one of “maximum impact with minimal investment.”

The program promises candidates the chance to earn as much as $10,000 in less than four hours, which in itself has been enticing enough for business owners throughout the country to open their doors to Tui Lifestyle. TL fever is spreading like wildfire–so much that business minded individuals across the country are vying for a piece of the action.