The Hautest Workout

In my opinion, there is nothing better than waking up in the morning and knowing that the workout you did the day before kicked your bum. It is what I like to refer to as hurt so good. In this case, the scene of the crime was The Studio (MDR), which is home to the fitness guru Sebastien Lagree’s SPX/System Dynamique workout.

This revolutionary workout tightens, tones and strengthens your entire body. I took a class called KYLATES and this is definitely not your mother’s Pilates class. It is safe to say that I was feeling the burn in the warm up and dripping sweat within five minutes. The beauty of it was that I could not stop smiling and giggling the entire class because at that very moment my life had just been changed.

Lisa Hirsch & Ken Ackermann

Co-owners Lisa Hirsch and Ken Ackerman have perfectly provided L.A. with a friendly laid back beach vibe that invites your muscles to quiver when the music cranks up. This is the place where your physique will be changed forever, I can promise you that.

To be perfectly honest, I fell in love with the whole experience and bought an unlimited monthly membership. Currently, I have planned my week around my next visits. Until next time my friends, visit To health and wellness, salute.