Shopping Fiesta: The 16th Annual Dubai Shopping Festival

Dubai, known as the land of luxury, fancy hotels and big malls; even in the City of Gold there is a time for sales and lucky us because it is this month! The Dubai Shopping Festival (DSF) is scheduled to take place this year from January 20th to February 20th.

The shopping fiesta will attract millions of bargain seekers to Dubai who will be treated to special bargains and entertainment and also the chance to win a Lexus 570 and 100,000 AED cash in the Lexus Mega Raffle. An estimated 6000 retail outlets and 50 shopping malls will participate. The bonuses of this shopping festivity are endless: shopping is tax-free and shoppers can avail up to 75% on select merchandise such as jewelry, perfume, electronics, clothes, textiles, shoes, and handicrafts.

Not to miss are the spectacular opening and closing day fireworks of the DSF as well as international concerts, Creations (fashion show), DSF Desert Camps, night shopping and heritage events. This year’s theme is “One World One Family One Festival.” Going along with the theme, participating countries will erect up pavilions at Dubai’s renowned Global Village.