Set Aflame: Candles for the Haute Home

Candles, like a calling-card red lip or specially blended fragrance, play a special role in beautifying the home while at the same time revealing something unique about their selector. Scents speak to the feeling one wants others to have upon entering their abode. And as with most trends, the selection tends to vary with the seasons; leaning toward the fesitive during holiday months and turning slightly cleaner and crisper in the summer time. Here are a few of our picks for the top candles with which to up-the-ante in your dwelling. Inspired by everything from fruits or florals to exotic locales, there’s something for everyone when you turn to leaders of industry such as DL & Co., Jo Malone, Creed, Tocca, or Ormonde Jayne.

Scented candles of hand-poured beeswax, $95 each; available at Neiman Marcus

Dl & Company
Swarovski aubergine pear, $450; available at Harrods

Cleopatra deluxe candela, hand poured into a luxurious gold-decorated glass in classic tocca blue, $62; available at Sephora

Jo Malone
Tea box deluxe candle collection, 3 piece set, $425, candle collection, 6 piece set, $85; available at Neiman Marcus

Ormonde Jayne
Mini scented candles, $84, large multi-wick scented candle, $278; set of four mini candles, $84,000; available at