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Ferrari Go-Kart

You love your toys: the watches, the cars, and the gadgets you’ve been collecting for years. But if you are really looking to satisfy your inner child, who has been screaming incessantly since Christmas, then the Ferrari FXX Racer pedal Go-Kart is what you’re looking for.

Equipped with eco-leather upholstery and two rear disk brakes, four 43-cm wide Super Slick X-treme tires, seven gears to switch between and an electronic system to monitor speed, this racer will take you back to the days when you dreamed of winning the NASCAR races. And it’s the perfect toy to enjoy with your kids; though it only has holds one passenger at a time, the monitor can measure the time it takes to make the drive past the tree, turning this into a perfect tool for a fun and friendly father-son competition.