Haute Membership: The San Diego Yacht Club

What exactly does one have to do, besides own a yacht, to become a member of The San Diego Yacht Club, or the SDYC as it’s called?

First off, know your history. According to facts, this club dates back to 1886, when a group of boating enthusiasts joined together and formed one of the very first, and still one of the uppermost cornerstones, in Americal yachting history. Back then, they didn’t have one designated spot for meeting, they bounced around locations until 1924 where they settled in the Point Loma location they still use today. Since then, it’s grown from a group of die-hard boaters, to an highly organized business based on a dedication to teaching and living by the Corinithian principles of yachting, as stated by their website.

The club operates all year, with no off-season, and has everything from tennis courts, dining rooms, banquet facilities, swimming pools, and of course, a plethora of boats. It’s a fantastic place to become a member, and to do so, one must prove that you have past yachting experience, and a desire to grow that experience and participate in yachting activities. In addition, you must follow a guideline of application submissions including six references from current SDYC members, two sponsors with appropriate membership status, and aside from the other requirements, the applicant may only be requested to join by the sponsors only. In other words, you better know somebody. The SDYC is elite, but for good reason, as they take their club very seriously, and are careful to select people who will continue to participate and thrive in the yachting community.

In addition to the leisure activities, The SDYC also operates the philanthropic program of the San Diego Yacht Club Sailing Foundation , which is a non-profit corporation operating to increase education and promotion of amateur sailing activities, competitions, and all kinds of related maritime education. With an active scholarship and awards program, this foundation is increasing the young interests in all things marine life and sailing related.  The SDYC was also recently recognized for their many programs that support the US military. The San Diego Military Advisory Council awarded them reocgnition in December for their continued suuport and dedication to our armed forces. They were honored with the Achievement Award by the Council and were recognized for all they do for active duty servicemen and women in the US, and their families.

The SDYC is an organization this city is very proud of, and many wish to become a member. From their yachting activities, to their philanthropic programs, to their ongoing military support and edcuation, this is a club that is worth it’s standards of admission. Very Haute, SDYC, very Haute indeed.

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