Haute Events: Elizabeth and Richard Fullerton Host Ballet Opening Gala

The War Memorial Opera House lit up Wednesday night Jan. 26. Elizabeth and Richard Fullerton hosted a charming event for the Grand Benefactors and Benefactors of San Francisco. The party was a Gala for the 2011 Ballet Opening Night. The exclusive invited guest enjoyed dinner and post party celebration at City Hall after witnessing an amazing performance. Guest who attended the event included, Gala Chair Rada Brooks, Adam Waks, Julie Dolan, Joanne Osberg, Bruce Sansom, Brian Hollins, Rene Hollins, Betsy Erickson, Richard Barker, Debra Bernard, Glenn McCoy, Suzanne Thornton, Sarah van Patten, Sol Coffino, Kate Coffino, Julie Dolan, Adam Waks, Suzy Kellems Dominik, Brian Gougherty, Keith Scott, Patricia Ferrin Loucks, O.J. Shansby, Marie Hurabiell, Peggy Newton, Larry Binkley, Kathy Huber, Bruce Sansom, Mike Mauze, Alison Mauze, Terri Carlson, Willis Newton, Marie Lipman, Giselle Bosc, Melissa Barber Tanya Powell and many more.

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