Exclusive Sant Arturo Wine Dinner Series at Cipriani Downtown Melts NYC’s Blizzard

January 26, 2011 will not be remembered for its blizzard, but for the 2nd exclusive Sant Arturo Wine Dinner Series at Cipriani Downtown. True New Yorkers did not succumb to the weather as they gathered at the famous venue; while the snow continued to fall outside, inside, the place was on fire.

Besides an endless supply of wine, the exclusive Sant Arturo Wine Dinner Series events always fill the restaurant with a spectacle of beautiful ladies and a serious roster of attendees. Sitting at nearby tables were real estate mogul Paolo Zampolli, publisher of Haute Living magazine Seth Semilof, the curator of Italian artwork at the Met Museum, Xavier Salomon, and Sean Avery of the New York Rangers. Other attendees included restaurateur Aram Sabet, Sonya Goldberg of Tiret watches, and the famed artist Domingo Zapata whose work will compliment artist Peter Beard’s in the Cipriani dining room.

Once the ladies finished their meringue marshmallow cake, they took their Louboutins to the second floor Club Room. Sant Arturo Wine was already there waiting for the crew at the tables. Every table was sold and the place was booming as guests danced and laughed into the early morning. The following that this dinner brought was amazing,” stated Ignacio Cipriani, the restaurant’s owner. “The vibe was vigorous! One would never know there was two feet of snow piled outside. To pack the place in a blizzard was definitely a huge success.”

Sant Arturo Wine’s CEO Arty Dozorstev and his event planning and marketing team VIEvents created their signature energy that all their dinners are famous for. “It doesn’t hurt that the three females who comprise ViEvents are three charming and smart females,” he adds. A camera crew was also in tote with hopes of producing a reality show called “Making the Brand” about this dream team.

Photographs are what make Sant Arturo Wine unique in its advertisements; every ad published will have a collage of dinner attendees as was seen in last months Haute Living magazine. Dozorstev explains, “These pictures create lasting memories for all my guests and future clients who love to see who came and who drank, and gives everyone a reason to have Sant Arturo as their house wine.”

The famous and exclusive Sant Arturo Wine Dinner Series continues to use the lifestyle approach to bring attention to the brand. The team’s successful marketing venture for the worlds sexiest wine made the event a night to remember.

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