Charlotte’s Web: Arachnid-Inspired Fashion

  The trend is sure to trap the gaze of unassuming onlookers.

Fashion has always fed off of an instinctual human appeal to all things animal-inspired. From exotic skins to animal prints, the trend reemerges constantly in various incarnations. Of late we look to the spider and its web as muses. Dabble in these arachnid-inspired looks and you may very well catch your own prey. From accessories adorned with spiders and spider webs, to runway looks and extras modeled after the silk-spun marvels of nature, the trend is sure to trap the gaze of unassuming onlookers. With options that range from Charlotte Olympia’s Perspex clutches with spider snaps and Christian Dior’s web-like detailing on the season’s hottest shoe to spider web leather gloves by Perrin of Paris, you’d be hard up not to find the right accessory to crawl into.

Charlotte Olympia
Perspex clutch, $550; available at The Webster, Miami

Gold & diamond black spider cuff, $8,070; available at Amrapali, New York

Runway look from the fall/winter 2010 collection, price upon request; available at

Christian Dior
Constellation suede sandal, $2,500; available at Christian Dior boutiques

Perrin Paris
Spider gloves, $245; available at