CES Roundup: The Sexiest Gadgets of 2011

There’s one thing for sure, the consumer electronics show did not disappoint. In true larger than life Vegas fashion, look forward to all your favorite gadgets getting slimmer, sleeker, shinier and in 3D. Here are your must have’s to maintain the envy of every house on the block.

For the Personal: Sony VAIO F Series 3D Laptop

Due out halfway through the year and thinner than a Macbook Air, Sony Laptops can not only view 3D videos, but claim to be able to transform 2D video into 3D. You’ll still need the glasses, but the computer comes in sexy customizable neon colors to offset the dork factor. Retro revisited.

For the Family: Samsung Smart Fridge

A refrigerator that doubles as a personal assistant, you can electronically leave notes for your family, check the weather, play tunes, update your twitter, and browse the web. With the industry’s first Wi-Fi enabled  8” LCD screen, kitchen-relevant applications help you live better with WeatherBug, Google Calendar, AP News and Epicurious. It even tells you when the ice is low.

For the Playful: Digital Polaroids

Fun and feature rich, the Polaroid camera of your childhood has been revamped for the times. Now digital, waterproof, and trendy, the instant pics of the past are a thing of the future. With Lady Gaga as the newly appointed Creative Director, yes you read that right, expect the unexpected.