“Material World” by Kais Salman at Ayyam Gallery DIFC

Don’t miss the opening of “Material World” by Syrian artist Kais Salman at Ayyam Gallery in the DIFC. Strong and expressionist canvases of human figures constitute the principal subject matter of Salman’s oeuvre. He delves into notions of beauty and materialism by distorting the human form into seemingly awkward yet alluring and charming figures.

Such a practice is most evident in Salman’s acclaimed “Fashion Series” which features provocatively dressed women in seductive poses. His latest works continue to play with depictions of what might be considered socially acceptable, the women in these works are nevertheless more robust in form as they pose against sparsely colored backgrounds. They profess their vanity in narcissistic stances as if trying to win approval from some hidden audience. Alone they are in their performance although quite appealing in their eager desire for admiring onlookers.

“Material World” takes place in Ayyam Gallery’s new DIFC location. 04 439 2395