Java Jolt: Top 5 Coffee Shops in Atlanta

Truthfully, no other non-alcoholic drink soothes, satisfies and sends an adrenaline-filled energy boost like a good cup of coffee. There are so many different types and variations to achieve your perfect cup of warm (or iced) goodness. With today’s culture wanting everything quick and the allure of to- go service more popular and appealing than ever, the welcoming comfort of a classic coffee shop has gone rather unappreciated in recent years. However, if you are a true java fan you know the importance of finding that one great coffee shop that caters to all of your needs: a place to sip the strong stuff, a place to work (or play in some cases) and more importantly, a place that you will return to daily for a dose of caffeine-induced euphoria. Here in Atlanta there are several places where coffee is the star of the show. Take a peak at the list for the best coffee shops in the city.